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Info on Medical Qigong Class

Please go to www.daointegrativehealth.com for more information on the new Awakening Qigong class and series at our studio, The Dao of Integrative Health.

New MQ Therapy Schedule

New schedules may be found at www.daointegrativehealth.com

Now offering the following services:

Medical Qigong Therapy
Qigong & Tai Chi

Medical Qigong Therapy Treatments

Medical Qigong consists of therapeutic techniques that adjust the body's internal and external energy fields to enhance health and promote healing. The initial  Bagua Balancing Treatment is a basic energy "tune-up." No chief complaints, specific treatment and/or diagnosis will be addressed during this treatment. Treatment is conducted on a massage table and the client remains fully clothed. Some touch is involved, however, this treatment can be facilitated without touch. The choice is the client's. The treatment may be further described as a balancing and massage of the body's energy (qi) fields.

Address of facility:

Woodlake Plaza
Alamo City Wellness Community
The Dao of Integrative Health
4833 Fredericksburg Road

One block outside Loop 410. Studio is located in the back end of the building so please park in the rear parking area.


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