T'ai Chi Health Dynamics

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    T'ai Chi Health Dynamics is an informal school located in San Antonio,Texas,oriented toward the mental,physical and spiritual aspects of t'ai chi chuan. Current classes being offered are:

Evidenced Based Taiji (EBT)TM Curriculum:
Based on the traditional training curriculum of taijiquan, this program incorporates the three pillars of practice: qigong (static and dynamic), form and push hands. The program was designed by Dr. Yang Yang of the Center for Taiji and Qigong Studies of Champaign, Illinois.

Chen Style 18 Essential Form:
   Chen is the original style of t'ai chi. This form is a shortened version of Lao Jia Yi Lu (74 long form) and was developed by Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei. Grandmaster Chen is the 11th generation direct-line successor of Chen Family T'ai Chi Chuan and is recognized as one of the "Top Ten Wushu Masters" of present day China. Studied as an introduction to Lao Jia Yi Lu or on its own, this form provides many benefits in its practice even if one precedes no further.

T'ai Chi for Arthritis:
    Based upon the Sun style of t'ai chi, this is the only t'ai chi program authorized and endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation. Developed especially for the relief of pain and stiffness in joints that may be caused by arthritis or other arthritic conditions. 

Known as internal energy work, qigong exercises promote the cultivation, circulation, accumulation and transformation of chi (life force or energy) to improve health, prevent illness and strengthen the body. Qigong also aids in understanding human nature and its interactions with the environment and the universe as a whole. The four major approaches involve training the body, the mind, the breath and the voice. TCHD classes focus on the first three approaches. Exercises include both dynamic and static methodologies (gong).


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